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Знак Наявність документів означає, що компанія завантажила свідоцтво про державну реєстрацію для підтвердження свого юридичного статусу компанії або фізичної особи-підприємця.
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Webinar “Quick Keratin” from Inoar and Mar Negro

Webinar “Quick Keratin” from Inoar and Mar Negro

500 грн

  • В наявності
+380 (98) 766-00-66
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Webinar “Quick Keratin” from Inoar and Mar Negro
Webinar “Quick Keratin” from Inoar and Mar Negro
500 грн
В наявності
+380 (98) 766-00-66
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Онлайн навчання англійською мовою. Як зробити швидкий кератин. Як прийняти більше клієнтів за більше грошей, але не втратити в якості. Вартість: 10 евр, 10 дол, 500 тенге


Does the keratin procedure take half a day? Does it make you irritable and tired? Do you dream of doing quick keratin? Do you want clients to come back and recommend you?

With Inoar and Mar Negro products, we can do the job efficiently and as quickly as possible. And we are ready to teach you at the “QUICK KERATIN” webinar. Will you dare to change your habits and reach a new level?


Inoar is the most requested keratin in the world

Our distribution network is 42 countries, including the USA, England, and other European countries. In Ukraine, we have been successfully representing the Inoar brand for 9 years, and in 2019 we created the Ukrainian brand Mar Negro with our manufacturing based on Brazilian raw materials.

We are the only ones on the market who give a guarantee on the wearing of our compositions because we are entirely confident in their quality. We guarantee the effect of at least 60 head washes for keratin and 45 washes for Botox.



We will tell you in detail how you can speed up the keratin procedure and what parts of the work can be delegated.

You will learn how to follow the protocol for using two types of keratin: Inoar G.Hair (the strongest keratin from the Inoar line and the most powerful straightener on the Ukrainian market) and Inoar Moroccan (medium strength keratin for weak, colored hair and blond).

Consider each keratin in 3 techniques:

  •  hot (with a hair straightener);
  •  warm (with hairdryer brush);
  •  cold (without tools).

You will also learn how to perform a cold botox treatment with a hair straightener so that it functions like keratin. You will be surprised by the speed: only 50 minutes for a full-fledged result.



Our technologists are world-class specialists in the field of hair treatment and care. You will be trained by the international technologist of the Inoar and Mar Negro brands Evgeniya Chernaya and the owner of the Inoar Ukraine and Mar Negro companies, coach Anna Brakatsula.



  1. Certificate of completion of the webinar (after a short survey from our manager).
  2. Special offer, which we will announce only in our closed group.
  3. Access to the webinar for 30 days.
  4. Information support from the presenters on all webinar issues for 30 days.

A webinar is the most comfortable way to learn new things from professionals from all over the world!


Learn how to make quick keratin — save time for yourself and clients who also do not want to spend 3-6 hours motionless.


Order now — and get a special offer!

Our manager will answer all your questions by phone 0987660066

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